Truth Has Become a Matter of Opinion In Today’s World

Did you ever stop to think about the numerous ways that the truth is expressed? Such as, the ugly truth, the ultimate truth, the uncomfortable truth, the universal truth, uncover the truth, and more?

When I think about the word, truth, I think about children. In all fairness, children just want us to be honest with them, right? As parents, don’t we just want our children to grow into “truth” telling adults? To this day, my adult children will say that they got into more trouble if they didn’t tell the truth than anything else they could have done.

The Joy Of Liberating Our Inner Child

According to, truth, by definition, is the true or actual state of a matter. Merriam Webster’s definition is the body of real things, events, and facts. Facts? Are we truly being told facts when it comes to the state of our nation? I wonder how we got to a place, as a society of people, where facts are not mere facts anymore and the difficulty with knowing what truly is the actual state of a matter. 

Reported information appears to no longer provide the actual state of what occurred; it appears to be opinion, not journalism. We move from day to day believing in the opinion that is brought to our news sources, which leaves me sad and dismal for our children and the disservice to them and their futures.

Living in the Truth Makes For a Better World

A native proverb that I hold near and dear to my heart. “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” So, why can’t we relish in this proverb when it comes to truth?

What a different world we could live in if the truth were told. The many lies that are constantly told by our politicians to those that vote them in, and for what? Ego, power, control? I find it interesting that we are in an era of time where we are able to videotape something and use it to prove truth or lies, and yet we struggle to believe the truth.

This left me still wanting more information and definitions of the word. In looking up more definitions of this word, I stumbled upon one that said the definition of the countable noun of the word truth is: “A truth is something that is believed to be true.”

This came as no surprise to me that the possible reason we end up believing opinion instead of factual matter is perhaps, because we want to believe something else to be true.

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The Truth Comes Out in the End

For me, the truth is the facts about it, rather than things that are imagined or invented, which makes me believe that caregiving has a connotation of the Ugly Truth. You can’t make up the nitty gritty of the demands and tasks of providing care for someone at their most vulnerable times in their lives. Disease, disorders and death are not pretty. It is hard to watch, to be present, or even invent something about it.

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In thinking about the Renaissance era and the hard journey of just living, surviving and the brutality of it all, I realized that in the end, the truth is uttered during the dying process. Have you ever noticed that? The movies set in that era had Kings and Queens. In the death scenes, the truth gets revealed – at least, most of the time in the death scenes – with the unspoken secrets that everyone struggles to talk about and share finally being told. Truth! I am not sure the reason for the rant in this blog post, however, perhaps other than this month’s focus and our approaching 4th of July holiday, it spurred some communication about truth and the future of our children and the question, what the heck are we doing to them?

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