How Hope Grows Cares for Caregivers

Learn about our mission to provide you with short moments of encouragement, respite and purpose. We incorporate nature therapy as the key element of our programming. Connection to the natural world is relaxing and restorative, as it illustrates life’s beauty, challenges, and cycles that relate directly to caregiving.

Hope Grows Theme for 2024: Embracing Family Caregivers Through All Seasons

What our Caregivers say…

“I really do not have words that can thank you and Hope Grows for the support you give. Unless someone has done this job, they will never know. To think at one point that I was caring for three loved ones at the same time. Truly, it is a group like Hope Grows that saved me from jumping a bridge! Keep up the things you do!”

Abby K

“During an extremely difficult time, Hope Grows was there for me. Talking through the challenges with someone who knows what you are going through and has such a heart for caregivers made me feel human again, and to see the importance of my well being.”

Benjamin E

“The counselor really saved me…She pulled me up from drowning. I needed to be with someone who understood what I was going through. They help you understand that you aren’t going crazy, that your feelings are normal. They are a breath of sunshine when you are going through this [grief].”

Mary C

“Hope Grows changed my life as a caregiver. The support systems and the focus on interacting with nature allowed me to find balance and hope in my caregiving journey. I am forever grateful for the difference they have made in our lives.”

Chad G

Watch our 4-part video series on Hope Grows’ history

Unearth Lisa’s moving journey, from personal struggles to a caregiver revolution in “Planting the Seeds.” Discover the inspiration behind Hope Grows and why Lisa made a pivotal choice to advocate for caregivers.

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