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The Garden of Intent is an English Garden of roses and manicured English Boxwood Evergreens. This garden was designed with order in mind and the setting allows for one to become immersed and occupied mentally.

The Garden of Intent name was chosen based on the purpose of the concrete bench and the plants. While it is difficult to slouch when sitting on a concrete bench, sitting upright has been proven through research to create an easier pathway to generate thoughts of intent, therefore, creating focused and directed thinking. As caregivers, going through the day doesn’t typically allow for thinking in this way and being able to retreat to a spot in the garden will allow the caregiver to find a balance and reconnect

Healing & Restorative Properties

The properties of this garden allow for inward reflection, time for contemplation and mindful and positive engagement in a garden setting.

Suggested Therapeutic Activity

Enter the garden by way of the path and sit on the bench. At first, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel the energy around you. Take a journal book to the garden. As thoughts come to you, write them down. If you struggle to relax your mind, continue to close your eyes or focus on a particular plant in the garden or beyond.

Volunteer Schedule

The garden effort on a yearly basis is approximately 10-15 hours during the spring into fall seasons. Once every 3 weeks, for about 1-2 hours is an appropriate time frame for support that is needed.

Seasonal Maintenance

Raking and cleaning from winter, weeding, mulching and pruning throughout the season. Mulching in late spring, weeding, cleaning up after the rose petals have fallen and when boxwoods have been trimmed. Pest and deer control applications.

Adopt the Garden

Cost: $500 yearly

Signage with name/company name will be in placed in the garden for one year.

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