Celebrating Our Volunteers

In Every Gesture of Support, They Embody Our Core – Their Dedication Means Everything to Us.

Volunteer Spotlight

Kathy Connolly

Our Hope Grows theme for November is GLADNESS, and what better time to kick off our monthly Volunteer Spotlight to show how “glad” we are to have so many amazing volunteers who help support our organization!

If you’ve been to any Hope Grows events in the last 10 years, chances are you’ve run into Kathy Connolly. A retired teacher, Kathy has been a loyal volunteer for all things Hope Grows (especially our summer nature camps!), and not just because she’s also Lisa Story’s sister. “I believe wholeheartedly in the Hope Grows mission as I’ve watched it evolve from the beginning.”

Kathy’s favorite part about Hope Grows is the gardens and the themes that surround each one, along with the support that our programs and people provide. When asked why volunteers should consider donating their time to us: “I’ve told so many people that volunteering at Hope Grows helps YOU just as much as it helps the organization. Giving your time is therapeutic! Helping Hope Grows gives me such a great feeling.”

Volunteer Spotlight

Joani McCormack

Volunteer Spotlight

Shruthi Srivatsan

Shruthi joined our Hope Grows Board of Directors this past August and has hit the ground running! She attended our Here’s to Hope Harvest Moon Raffle in October, packed food for our Turkey Meals Drive for family caregivers in November, and secured a grant from the Cummins Foundation in December. As if that wasn’t enough, Shruthi is planning a volunteer activity with her Cummins Inc. employees here at Hope Grows in the coming weeks AND will be spearheading the Program Sub-Committee on our Board. Whew!

When asked what Hope Grows means to her, Shruthi said: “Support for caregivers is often overlooked. Growing up in a multi-generational family, I’m able to truly appreciate and empathize with this cause. The enthusiasm for this good work, and the energy to make a difference that the Hope Grows team has, is very infectious – I easily jumped on board!”

“We may all know loved ones or acquaintances that need extra care and attention. But we may not have stopped to consider the cost (emotional, physical, and oft times financial) of this much-needed service that is borne by the caregiver. Volunteering with Hope Grows allows us to mitigate some of these costs and promote overall well-being. Opportunities are aplenty – and when you donate your time, you can make a difference.”