Garden of


The Garden of the Inner Child is to the right of The Garden of Hope. Plants have been replaced and cut back to accommodate an ongoing miniature style garden.

This garden is on both sides of the walkway, so be sure to see everything. Before moving on to the next garden please take a few moments and reminisce; this opportunity allows us to experience our inner child. 

Healing & Restorative Properties

Taking time to see the world through a child’s eyes can help us to experience more joy and peace, lower our defenses and trust our intuition. It becomes a place to reminisce and if you are a caregiver, it can help to lower our shields that help to protect ourselves while coping with the demands of caregiving. 

Suggested Therapeutic Activity

To the right of the path, before the bridge over the pond, is a paver stone. Step on the paver to enter into the grassy area where the Adirondack chairs are located. Sit and if you dare, take off your shoes and allow your feet to feel the earth beneath. This is called earthing and can create an effect of grounding us when we feel a bit anxious. Take in all of the miniature scenes that are around the gardens; there are 8 different scenes. Take notice of the plant material as it reflects the human size of most gardens, but also has elements that our eye can follow to the miniature size of the setting.

If you would like, pick one of the miniature settings and reminisce when you were a child. If this becomes too difficult, recognize that this may be due to past, unresolved issues or trauma. The Root of Good Care mental health counseling practice, a Hope Grows organization, is here to support you. Reach out to our counseling team by way of or 412.369.4673, extension 101.

Volunteer Schedule

The garden effort on a yearly basis is approximately 10-15 hours during the spring into fall seasons. Once every 2-3 weeks, for about 1-2 hours is an appropriate time frame for support that is needed.

Seasonal Maintenance Description

Raking and cleaning from winter, weeding and mulching in late spring throughout the season. Pest and deer control applications. Fixing and arranging the miniature gardens is an ongoing basis and at the end of season, late October, cleaning and storing of miniature garden items. This garden also encompasses the area where the Blue Bearded Iris Rhizomes are planted.

Adopt the Garden

Cost: $750 yearly

Signage with name/company name will be in placed in the garden for one year.

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