In-Person Support

1:1 Counseling Session

Experience the rejuvenating power of nature-inspired care with our in-person counseling program. Our empathetic counselors will guide you through the natural journey of self-discovery and healing, in a sanctuary of support and understanding. Recharge your mind and spirit, as we work together to create an action plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. Join us on this path towards wellness and find peace in the tranquility of nature

Support Groups: Find Your Circle, Share Your Journey

Join our sessions for heartfelt discussions, shared experiences, and meaningful connections. Here, you’re never alone.

  1. What is the service?
    Our support groups offer caregivers a safe space to connect, learn, and share experiences. Each session focuses on a specific aspect of caregiving, encourages participation, and provides insights to help you navigate your journey.
  2. Who runs these online support groups?
    Our dedicated “Root of Good Care” counselors, and potentially interns, manage these sessions.
  3. Where and when are they?
    Conducted via Zoom, these small, intimate groups of 8-10 people meet at different times throughout the week. Each session starts with an inspiring thought or quote, followed by a discussion on a specific caregiving theme. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.
  4. How can I receive this service?
    Join our support of caregivers and then sign up for our online support groups today. Together, we can navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories of caregiving.

Days in the Garden:
Cultivate Peace, Harvest Joy

Immerse yourself in the soothing rhythm of nature. Take a break, get your hands dirty, and feel your stress melt away.

  1. What is the service?
    Our “Days in the Garden” are unique experiences that allow caregivers to connect with nature, engage in gardening activities, and find solace in the open air. It’s a chance to nurture plants. Beyond gardening, these days also offer opportunities to learn about different plants and their unique properties, learn new skills, and, perhaps, find parallels between the growth in the garden and your journey as a caregiver.
  2. Who will I be working with?
    Experienced Hope Grows staff and the Iris Respite House Gardens team lead these gardening sessions. We welcome all family caregivers from the greater Pittsburgh area!
  3. Where and when?
    Come to the Iris Respite House in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Spend a day in our beautiful gardens, engaging in a variety of activities, from planting and tending to harvesting, and gain insights into mental well-being and health. Days in the Garden are scheduled seasonally. All caregivers are welcome to join us for these special days to connect with nature
  4. How can I receive this service?
    Join our support of caregivers! Then sign up and let’s sow seeds of hope and growth together.

“A bed and breakfast unlike any other…”

In the midst of Moon Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, is a tiny oasis of solitude. A middle-class home transformed into a safe haven for family caregivers to get rest and restoration. A home surrounded by healing gardens, each with a theme from childhood to death, transitioning one through the journey of life and pathways of the least resistance. The doors open wide and loving arms embrace the weary, like someone would do on a return from war.

Family is what we have been told it feels like soon after the weary soul has entered this place for caregivers. Divine guidance, spiritual awareness, and the empathetic listeners who work here are the cornerstone to the care one feels. Rest, relax, and restore is the mantra that guides those who embrace what the walls hold within.