The Garden of


The Garden of Rest was designed to fulfill the desire to help butterflies rebuild their population and to also offer a place to sit under the beautiful magnolia tree to rest from the hot sun and from a long work day in the gardens.

The garden is adorned with a glider bench as the focal point under the tree with garden anemone surrounding the bench. Entering The Garden of Rest by way of the driveway offers the perspective, almost immediately, of sitting on the bench, which became a place that Chuck and Lisa would sit after a long day in the gardens, sipping on lemonade or wine.

Entering the garden through the path from the pollinator garden, offers a different perspective and purpose for this garden. As you exit the pollinator garden and bypass the entrance to Pap’s Garden, the driveway is within your view. As you look around, you may see some butterflies fluttering around in the summer months. Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth. With many natural butterfly habitats lost to human activities like home building and the use of herbicides and pesticides, this garden started with plantings of milkweed. Due to milkweed being an invasive plant, the owners removed it so that the plant would not take over the garden and nearby gardens. If you look closely, you just might find a milkweed popping out of the earth. Also to your left is the birdbath centered among an array of shade loving plants, which include Astilbe and hydrangeas.

Healing & Restorative Properties

Just as the name of the garden implies, rest is an important part of our day-to-day existence. Allowing the restorative properties of the environment to encompass you is the first day to understanding the reciprocal relationship that we have with nature.  

Suggested Therapeutic Activity

Sit on the bench and be still. Take in the sounds of the area and deeply breathe. Even though the bench faces the driveway and street access, it is in this moment of stillness where gratitude can be recognized. Gratitude for the hard work you are able to accomplish in life and just as in nature, everything has to take a season or moment of rest. This is your time, embrace it, allow it and relax, so you can restore.

Volunteer Schedule

The garden effort on a yearly basis is approximately 10-15 hours during the spring into fall seasons. Once every 3 weeks for about 1-2 hours is an appropriate time frame for support that is needed. From this garden, all flower pot watering occurs and 2-4 hours a week is estimated to water all potted plants from spring through fall. While all pot watering is not factored into this garden’s maintenance, it is mentioned here as an option for support.

Seasonal Maintenance Description

Planting of annual baskets, cleaning from the winter, weeding, mulching, and pruning and watering throughout the season. The work is scheduled based on availability of manpower and the time of year the help presents.

Adopt the Garden

Cost: $500 yearly

Signage with name/company name will be in placed in the garden for one year.

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