Tea & Coffee Meet-Ups:
Let Your Cares Brew Away

Connect, converse, and find companionship while you enjoy fresh brews at our relaxed meet-ups.

  1. What is the service?
    Our casual tea and coffee meet-ups offer a safe and friendly environment for family caregivers to mingle, chat, and find support among peers. These gatherings, set amidst the Iris Respite House and gardens, are a chance for open conversation, shared experiences, and mutual growth
  2. Who will be at the meet-up?
    Our welcoming Innkeeper hosts, while the Root of Good Care Counseling team oversee the meetups, along with Hope Grows staff and friends for support. We welcome all family caregivers from the greater Pittsburgh area to join us!
  3. When and where are the meet-ups?
    Our tea and coffee meet-ups are seasonal, monthly to bi-weekly. The meetups are hosted on-site at our Iris Respite House in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. The gatherings take place in the sunroom or living room, depending on the group size, and occasionally outdoors, weather permitting.
  4. How can I join this service?
    Sign up and let’s share a cup of Hope and understanding.