Monthly Garden Walks with Educational Workshops & Children’s Activities

Explore the Hope Grows property, walk through our 11 healing gardens,
and enjoy different educational workshops and children’s activities each month!

Our Backyard Basics Educational Series is all about the fundamentals of growing, harvesting, and beautifying your backyard. At Hope Grows, we believe that having a strong understanding of the “basics” before diving in headfirst is of the utmost importance in making sure you’re ready to start a new backyard hobby! Consider joining us for one or all of our adult classes this growing season.

Workshops are $15 per person; registration is required. Limited to 12 participants.
All classes will be held from 6:30-7:30pm in the Education Pavilion.

June 20: Herbs in the Kitchen
Bring your taste buds and learn five ways to use herbs in your kitchen! Barbie Custer, our Hope Grows Beekeeper and Iris Respite House Chef, will demonstrate how to make compound butters, blended cold sauces, infused oils, herbal tea, muddled cocktails, and infused water. Participants will go home with herb butter and bread. REGISTER ONLINE.

July 18: Crazy for Canning
A unique class on canning and preserving farmer’s market produce or your own homegrown foods. Learn the techniques of canning with a hands-on approach; participants will be able to come back and pick up their jar of produce that they’ve preserved after Barbie completes the canning process. REGISTER ONLINE.

August 15: Beekeeping Basics
Ever thought about being a backyard beekeeper? Join us in learning the fundamentals of keeping these wonderful pollinators and what is needed to begin this hobby. We’ll briefly discuss honeybee hive setup and maintenance, with an observational hive on display and, of course, honey tastings! Participants are encouraged to bring a local honey and share where it is from. REGISTER ONLINE.

September 19: Basic Flower Arranging
Bring your own vase and we’ll supply the flowers! Learn what cut flowers you could grow next year so that you can build a bouquet from your own backyard. All it takes is 4-5 different types of annual plants to give you a summer of beauty in your kitchen or for gift-giving. REGISTER ONLINE.

October 17: Worm Composting Basics
Join us for an open discussion regarding the different types of composting. Our focus will be on worm composting and why October is a great time of year to start a worm composter! We’ll provide a brief educational rundown of how each method of composting works, the benefits, and how to use compost. Participants will have the opportunity to order a small worm composter to assemble, take home, and create great compost for the new growing season. REGISTER ONLINE.

For the children (and children at heart!): take a stroll through the gardens and stop by the Activity Table where Jessica Giannotta, our Hope Grows Horticulturist and Children’s Program Facilitator, will have fun projects for everyone to engage in. With a child-oriented focus, each activity coincides with the Backyard Basics Educational Series for Adults.

Several of our kid activities include our concept of “Make Two and Give One,” whereas we teach the importance of caring for others, the earth, and all living things. By looking into the eyes of our community, we quickly learn about the caring people in our lives, and we recognize and honor those caregivers by “making two and giving one” to show our appreciation. We believe that connecting to nature and the natural world is therapeutic, and small acts of kindness occur by recognizing the reciprocal relationship between self and nature. While we give, we are also receiving – we just must be open to both.

Garden Walk Children’s Activities
FREE! Registration is not required, but children MUST be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times.

May 16: Newspaper Pots
Make and take a newspaper pot seeded with a mammoth sunflower seed! Jess will teach you how to make them and send you home with two, so you can “Make 2 & Give 1” to an important caring person in your life.

June 20: Bed & Breakfast Birdfeeders
Make a birdfeeder out of a wooden bird house for your backyard! Learn how birds eat, what they look for in food, and, in turn, how we can be resourceful and intentional with feeding them.

July 18: Butterfly Feet Painting
Capture this year’s summer with painted footprints in the shape of a butterfly. Learn a bit about butterflies and we will send you home with two, so you can “Make 2 & Give 1” to an important caring person in your life.

August 15: River Rock Bees
Paint two river rocks to look like bees! Jess will send you home with two, so you can “Make 2 & Give 1” to an important caring person in your life. You’ll also learn about the important role of honeybees as pollinators and get the opportunity to try on a children’s bee suit (adult sizes as well for the child at heart!). Definitely a fun photo op!

September 19: Petal Painting
Pound out the pigment from the different colored petals of flowers and “paint” yourself a picture! Jess will guide you through this free-minded creation of a nature print. You can “Make 2 & Give 1” to an important caring person in your life while learning to appreciate nature and abstract art. Participants can also go home with a cut flower from the garden, your choice.

October 17: Fairy Wands & Pumpkins
Make a special fairy wand from beautiful dried allium flower stalks that grow in the spring and early summer. Learn about the allium plants, decorate a pumpkin, and find out how long it takes for different items to decompose.