Join our team and make a difference for caregivers that matters

Donate your time and expertise to help plan and execute events for caregivers. Volunteer to assist with gardening projects and support caregivers”

Days in the Gardens

The Second Saturday of the month in season April through November. Tend to the therapeutic gardens at Iris Respite House and help cultivate a serene environment for caregivers to find peace and rejuvenation.

Caregiver Check-ins

Make a direct impact on the well-being of caregivers by volunteering to perform monthly Caregiver touch point calls. This opportunity requires additional training, but is vital in supporting the caregivers we serve.

Seasonal Events

Join the team and coordinate or support our seasonal events, where caregivers can enjoy self-care activities, delicious food and drinks, as well as connect with local vendors. It’s an all hands on deck effort, but makes an impact.

Outreach & Fundraising

Volunteer with our outreach team and make a difference for caregivers by raising awareness and funds. Perfect for those with influential networks, looking to leverage their connections for a good cause and make real a real impact.


Lend your talents by assisting with mailings, filing, assembling Caregiver kits, and more! Help us reach more caregivers, locally and nationwide, as we expand our offerings.

Clinical Internships

Join the team and bring more empathy and understanding to the table. Our caregivers have unique needs and we provide tailored support their caregiving experience. Advance your career and enhance your education by volunteering your skills.

Cultivate Caregiver Well-being Through the Power of Nature

Are you looking for a way to lend a helping hand to those who tirelessly care for others? Look no further than Hope Grows, where we nurture and cultivate the well-being of caregivers through the therapeutic power of nature. As a volunteer, you can be a seed of support by assisting in gardening projects, a ray of hope by leading self-care workshops, a source of strength by providing emotional support, and much more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bloom in the lives of caregivers. Keep scrolling to find out how you can get involved and make a difference with Hope Grows today!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the various volunteer opportunities available at Hope Grows. We understand that choosing the right fit for your skills and availability can be a challenging process. If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone directly, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We believe that every individual, just like every seed, has the potential to grow and make a difference in the lives of caregivers. By volunteering with Hope Grows, you will have the opportunity to help cultivate a brighter future for caregivers through nature therapy Register Here

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