A Heartfelt Message of Gratitude to Seniors BlueBook of Greater Pittsburgh

Hope Grows Seniors BlueBook
Heartfelt Message of Gratitude to Seniors BlueBook of Greater Pittsburgh

Congratulations to Apryl Garrett and her team on the publication of the 2nd edition of the Seniors BlueBook of Greater Pittsburgh! The Seniors BlueBook is the go to publication for accurate and reliable information for seniors on health, housing, and resources. The mission of Seniors BlueBook is to provide seniors and caregivers with the most up-to-date resources in order to make educated decisions about optimal living and healthy aging. The information is presented in a convenient, easy to use print format and is also available on-line at www.SeniorsBlueBook.com. The publication is free to the community. You can contact Apryl Garrett at 412.551.4951 or apryl@seniorsbluebook.com  to request a copy.

Hope Grows Iris Movement ™

Apryl Garrett | Seniors BlueBook

We would like to thank Apryl for providing Hope Grows with the opportunity to submit a 2-page educational article, in the 2nd edition, titled Join the Caregiver Iris Movement ™ and be a Hope Grows Caregiver Champion!” With more than 44 million caregivers nationwide, Hope Grows feels the time has come to launch a movement that honors caregivers with the hopes that everyone will get behind this. The Blue-Bearded Iris’ flower symbolism is care, a perfect way to raise awareness of caregiver issues while championing caregiver awareness, appreciation, and assistance. The Iris flower, in general, implies a message and promise of hope, representing a movement to honor caregivers and raise awareness of needed support.

Now in its sixth year, Pittsburgh-based nonprofit Hope Grows is Cultivating Caregiver Wellness™ by providing three core areas of service to family caregivers: Counseling and Support, Therapeutic Respite™, and Education and Training. The variety of needs addressed through these programs and the integration of nature as a healing and restorative element, make Hope Grows’ services uniquely valuable to caregivers. Our delivery of services are changing and with a robust initiative, Hope Grows has a plan to meet caregivers where they are: @Home™, @Work™, and ways for caregivers to receive respite, @Rest™.

Hope Grows’ Mission

Hope Grows provides mental health counseling, phone check-ins, turkey dinners, gatherings, groups, and education to individuals and families who serve as caregivers. Therapeutic Respite activities, such as dual respite programming with components of nature walks and holistic classes, providing caregivers with the opportunity to take a short break away from their caregiving responsibilities. Hope Grows helps to educate family caregivers and the professional healthcare community about family caregiver needs, issues, and resources. Educational programs include, but not limited to, Powerful Tools for Caregivers and Facilitator Training, Morning Tea for Caregivers, and Life After Caregiving.

Many services are available at no cost, a sliding scale fee, or co-pay as payment in full for certain services. Pease do not hesitate to contact Hope Grows for the support you need or to refer a caregiver you know. Additionally, Hope Grows is in the process of streamlining core services into a business model that makes it easy for businesses and corporations to jump onboard with the caregiver movement, perfectly timed with our theme for this year, “Abundantly Connected.” For additional information on services, programs, and sponsorships, call 412.369.4673 or email info@hopegrowsdev.wpengine.com. Visit the website at www.hopegrows.org

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