Online Support Groups: Find Your Circle, Share Your Journey

Join our online sessions for heartfelt discussions, shared experiences, and meaningful connections. Here, you’re never alone.

  1. What is the service?
    Our online support groups offer caregivers a safe space to connect, learn, and share experiences. Each session focuses on a specific aspect of caregiving, encourages participation, and provides insights to help you navigate your journey.
  2. Who runs these online support groups?
    Our dedicated “Root of Good Care” counselors, and potentially interns, manage these sessions.
  3. Where and when are they?
    Conducted via Zoom, these small, intimate groups of 8-10 people meet at different times throughout the week. Each session starts with an inspiring thought or quote, followed by a discussion on a specific caregiving theme. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.
  4. How can I receive this service?
    Join our support of caregivers and then sign up for our online support groups today. Together, we can navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories of caregiving.
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