4 Ideas For Caregivers In Spring

Spring has sprung! With a new season now upon us, it’s a good time to make a few adjustments in your caregiver’s schedule, if it’s possible.

Spring not only provides some good opportunities to do different things, but also serves as a reminder of certain chores that need to get taken care of. Keep some of the following in mind and make this the best spring possible.

Spring Cleaning

Ugh. Just the thought of cleaning might seem overwhelming. However, if done in stages, a good cleaning might take a bit longer but will result in a dust-free, more enjoyable atmosphere in your loved one’s home. That will lift their spirits and your spirits, too.

On a more practical level, spring cleaning also gives you the chance to convince your caregiving recipient to get rid of needless clutter. Accumulating items over many years is one of the things that happens to everyone. Taking some time to clean things out is time well spent.

Get Outside

Not every recipient of caregiving is able to leave the house, or to do so easily. However, if it’s doable, spring offers many alternatives. Simply getting outside for a walk or even a drive can lift everyone’s mood after the long nights and cloudy days of winter. Spring also affords the opportunity to:

  • Redecorate the house with spring in mind, including flowers and bright colors
  • Have a family gathering or picnic so everyone can visit after the many months since the holidays
  • Do some gardening. You can do this both at your loved one’s home and at Hope Grows, which offers the opportunity to garden as therapeutic respite that will relax, refresh and re-energize you.

Safety Tip

Fire officials use the time change as a good time for people to change the batteries on smoke detectors. Even if the batteries still have life, go ahead and replace them. You can use the current batteries to power something else until they run out.

Remember also to clean out any dust and dirt in the smoke alarms, which keeps them working well, according to fire officials. Also remember to take great care in changing the batteries, using a ladder and not a chair. It’s wise to have someone on hand when you do this.

Spring Forward

The time change has already happened, but it’s good to keep in mind that “springing forward” means adjusting sleep schedules, meal times and other routines. Work with your loved one to help them adjust to the new routine. In most cases, it will only take a few weeks, although some might deal with this issue well into April.

Spring is a joyous time of the year. It’s also a time of renewable and rebirth. Take the time to make a few changes and adjustments this spring. It can lead to increased happiness for both you and your loved one.

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