Is There Caregiver Support in Pennsylvania?

Caregiver support in Pennsylvania is available through many different options, each offering caregivers support or respite from their caregiving duties. They include senior community centers, caregiver support services, adult day centers, adult health centers, and support from friends and family.

Caregivers searching for respite in Moon Township will find it. People in the community understand that caregivers serve a central role in keeping the community together and offer many services to support a caregiver.

How Can I Support a Caregiver?

Places where you can find caregiver support in Pennsylvania include the following.

Senior Community Centers

Senior community centers provide a central location for seniors to gather. The services provided by a community center include engaging activities appropriate for seniors and a place to have some quiet “down time.” They also may provide information on where seniors can go for specific services.

Caregiver Support Services

Hope Grows offers caregiver support services that include a caregiver respite house B&B that offers restorative care for mind, body and spirit. Hope Grows offers many programs that help reduce burnout and compassion fatigue among caregivers, including a virtual support system called THINK Caregiver, mental health counseling, support groups, and therapeutic respite programs that include gardening and horticultural therapy activities.

What is the Iris Respite House?

Adult Day Centers

An adult day center operates for caregivers much the way a childcare center operates for parents. Caregivers who require some time during a day can drop their care recipient at the day center and know they will get quality care in a safe environment. Adult day centers typically are open during weekdays.

Adult Day Health Care

Those who operate adult day health centers provide services beyond what is seen at the typical community or day center. These centers provide care for adults who need assistance or supervision, giving the caregiver much-needed time to manage their own list of responsibilities or chores. Adult day health care has personnel on site who can offer intensive health, therapeutic, and social services, even for those with serious medical conditions.

Assistance From Family And Friends

Friends and family who want to support a caregiver in the best way possible can offer time and assistance. This can include watching the care recipient for a few hours. It can also include handling time and labor-intensive tasks such as cleaning the house, mowing the yard or preparing meals. Handling any of these chores for even a short time provides a gift for caregivers. All these programs and ideas provide caregiver support in Pennsylvania. They are much-needed programs that alleviate some of the stress caregivers experience every day.

Virtual Online Caregiver Support

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