The Connection Between Faith, Acceptance and Giving Up Control

Faith is one of the strongest parts of acceptance. I think, for me, faith is knowing that tomorrow will be alright without having proof and that there is something higher guiding our path along this journey in life.

Without faith, acceptance is difficult. So what is faith and acceptance and how do they go hand in hand?

Faith, Acceptance & Control

There are several meanings for faith. One is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” Then there is the religious side of faith: “Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than truth.”

Acceptance is about receiving or consenting to receive something being offered. It is also an action of “being received as suitable into a group”.

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The Importance of Faith

So how do we have faith when acceptance is difficult? As students enter into college this month, most had to apply, and wait to receive a letter, indicating that they were “enough” to be accepted into a certain college (group).

If a student received a denial letter, disappointment became the outcome whereby trust and confidence were tested. The emotional process of denial is painful; faith may have been questioned. While disappointments are part of life, not accepting the outcome only stifles growth and adds to the pain.

Another example is a daughter now providing care for mom or dad. A role change of career, lifestyle, and/or social engagements have brought a change that is hard to accept. The demands of providing care become greater than one imagined, with having to accept a new identity that has been offered.

Questions arise: “Is tomorrow going to be alright?”

What we must do though is consider the outcome of not accepting. A vast amount of energy is spent when we resist. I will have to agree, sometimes life can throw us a curve ball. The first reaction is to pull away, deny, disapprove, and disagree. But when we take the time to practice acceptance, faith can be restored.

The results can be the release of denial, anger, and even depression. The root of it all can be damaging if we don’t put a practice into place.

Retreating to Nature

Retreating to nature is one way that Hope Grows practices acceptance. We keep in mind that Gaia (Mother Earth) gives us so much and asks of nothing in return. She has and continues to provide everything we need, from food and shelter to medicine and clothing. I believe it is all encompassing and can teach valuable lessons of acceptance.

Engage your senses in nature for it has a common denominator – change is continuous and endless. We can’t live without it and it is mutually beneficial, and with that, acceptance is inevitable. We can’t control the weather or change its course of direction. But what we can do is have faith that nature will do what it needs to in order to provide.

As much as we try to alter the course of the earth and plant growth, nature has a way of correcting itself from damage.

I leave you with one last thought. Nature does not expect anything from us. It is one place that we are able to surrender all control. So, perhaps acceptance is about letting go of control. The next time you are in nature, take with you the practice of accepting, even if nature has left you with damage that you cannot understand.

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