When You Fall Back In Time, Consider Moving Forward In Life This Fall

Daylight savings times ends this year on Nov. 4, when everyone will fall back & try to remember to change their clocks back one hour before going to bed.

Time To Fall Back

The “fall back” time of the year is something everyone must adjust to, as we all lose one hour and, in many cases, a bit of sleep.

But while we may lose that hour, autumn also offers everyone a chance to make changes to improve their lives. In many ways, it’s the best time of year to do so.

Why Autumn Is a Good Time For Change

The fall season is one of the most dramatic times of change in nature. It makes the transition from the warm summer months into the colder holiday months and winter. Nature changes all around us, from the color of leaves to snowfall and plenty of days of “sweater weather.”

As nature’s energy changes around us, it’s an appropriate time for us to also make changes. As yoga expert, Kirsten Nagy writes: “In nature, fall is a time of death. But not just death, rebirth as well. It’s a time to look inside yourself and reflect on what you see. It’s a time of focus.”

Another way to view autumn is as a time to make changes for spring, which also is a dramatic cycle in nature that focuses on rebirth. The long, dark evenings of fall are a perfect time to begin reflecting on the changes your life needs.

Areas of Change

When taking the time this fall to reflect on ways to change your life, there are different areas to consider. While everyone has unique circumstances, the following areas are often universal.

Making Time For Yourself

Many people, especially caregivers, can feel overwhelmed by the demands of life. Restructuring your life to allow for more time on your own is a healthy choice. Time for relaxation and reflection can recharge your batteries. Hope Grows offers a variety of programs to support caregivers in this important area, including interacting with nature by working in a garden.

Remove Negative Factors

Whether it’s bad habits or people who do not treat you with the respect you deserve, everyone has negative aspects of their lives. It takes time to seriously think about these issues and decide what works best in your life and what has become an anchor. Decide what bad habits you want to lose and plan on how you will get rid of them. With people, it’s important to minimize your time around those who continually drag you down in some way.

Plan for the Future

With the end of the warm season and the onset of fall and winter, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Setting goals – and writing them down – has proven successful time and again. Think ahead to what you want to have accomplished by next spring, then set a course to achieve those goals. These can include everything from eating healthier and getting regular exercise to making positive changes in your career.

Remember, it’s OK to feel fearful of change. As pointed out by Dr. Abigail Brenner in Psychology Today, people avoid making changes out of fear they will either be wrong or make a mistake that can make their life worse. But fear of the unknown is “completely rational,” she wrote.

She added, “In fact, without it, we would be rushing into places we should not go. Rational fear allows us to cautiously explore what we have little or no idea about so that we can make careful  and sound decisions about how to best proceed.”

Take the time this fall to reflect on the past and make changes for a better future. As you fall back in time, it’s a great season to move forward with the life you want to live.

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