How to Help Others

Even in the toughest of times, you can help people and give them support through your actions. Whether it’s a death in the family, a sudden loss of a job or helping an ill loved one, you can show support to those in need by giving your time, helping connect them with the right resources and showing simple human kindness.

Most people feel the need to help others when they can. It’s one of the things that binds us all and makes us human. We all know the health of a community means looking after the wellbeing of everyone. 

The following looks at ways you can help people in different situations as they cope during difficult times. We’ve divided each area into different groups of people, because each has their own needs.

Popular Coping Mechanisms

How To Help Kids

Kids go through so much – in these times, more than ever. They have problems with bullying, divorcing parents, the stress of school, peer pressure and many other issues. The main way you can support kids is by giving them time. Offering them your full, uninterrupted attention is one of the greatest things you can do. With kids, you don’t need to have all the answers. Instead, you need to listen.

How To Help Adults

With adults, the variety of “tough times” spans the breadth of human experience. In many cases, listening to their issues and helping them find the right resources can provide the help they need. For example, in the case of Hope Grows, we provide caregiver support in Pennsylvania for adults who have taken on the task of becoming a caregiver to a loved one. Other examples include counselors, help lines, and organizations that support those who are experiencing poverty, drug addiction, divorce and other adult issues. Letting people know about the resources they have can help them get through tough times.

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How To Help The Elderly

The elderly, like other adults, often need connection to the right resources for health-related issues. However, they also benefit greatly from people who simply spend time with them. Many programs allow people to visit the elderly in nursing homes and talk with them about whatever issues they face. Just having someone offer a sympathetic ear can do wonders.

How to Help Friends

Service is one of the great things you can offer friends. Whether it’s helping them with a move, following them to the car mechanic or giving them a lift to the airport, friends can do the little things that people don’t always want to ask of others. Also, socialization is one of the keys to happiness, and who better to socialize with than friends? Laughter really is the best medicine, especially in tough times. 

How To Help Family

Family is unlike any other relationship. With family, you want them to know that if they call late at night and need a sympathetic ear, you will lend it. If a family member calls with a tough situation, it’s usually a serious one. With family, you must be prepared to offer time and resources, no matter what they are experiencing.

How To Help The Community

This is another area where your resources – money, work and materials – really help. Every community has organizations that look for volunteers to help them complete their mission. You can play a big role in helping your community by donating money, time and skills (such as mentoring young kids or helping build or repair homes for those in need). When you help individuals, you improve the entire community.

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Helping People You Don’t Know

Have you ever thought about simply volunteering at a soup kitchen and cooking meals for those in need? How about going to an inner city community center and mentoring kids who are struggling with reading, writing or math? Simply giving people your time, and helping them with your guidance, can make a big difference in someone’s life.  These are some of the ways you can help people of different ages and in different settings. The first step is simply deciding that you want to give of your time. Soon, you will find that making small contributions to the lives of those around you can lead to big changes down the road.

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