Letting Our Light Shine A Blessing On Those Around Us

One of my favorites artists, Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light, said, “I believe we all have a greater purpose to our lives than merely existing day to day. Each of us, in our own unique way, is called to let our light shine. The unique, one of a kind canvas of our existence is meant to be an inspiration to others – true joy to behold and a heaven-sent blessing to those we meet and to the world around us.”

Wow! For me, his quote resonates on a personal level. By letting our light shine, we can be that generous act of giving. Our focus this month was about letting our light shine, but how can we do this when the world around us looks so dismal?

How to Find Your Higher Purpose in Life

My thoughts always and immediately go to nature. In this case, it went right to the thick of a forest. If you have ever been in the deep of a forest, it is fairly dark, even at the height of the day, but if you look up through the thick of the forest, you can see light. The sun seems to find its way through the trees. Our instincts kick in and we begin to follow the light and before we know it, we are on the path that leads us back out of the darkness. Some might call this science based on tree height and light availability; I happen to call it survival and the willingness to be hopeful. 

A Mindful, Positive and Joyful Mindset

While the definition for the word ‘light’ means a form of electromagnetic radiation, for us at Hope Grows it means a bit more. Focusing on light can help change our mindset to one of mindful, positive and joyful times.

Time and Mindful Meditation

Let us take a moment and think about some common expressions: the light of day, the light at the end of the tunnel, or the light of life. What do they have in common? Perhaps it is hope, faith, or even an opportunity to see something from a different perspective. Opening up to the possibilities and centering our attention to the brighter side of thoughts invites us to release everything and anything that holds us back from achieving positive, good, even peace.

We All Need Light, Too

One last thought about nature and light. Take a few moments to think about the flowers and plants that we nurture all summer long for our pleasure, and in some cases, for the therapeutic benefits. All flowers and plants need light to grow properly. The sun helps plants to grow by providing energy for the process of photosynthesis to occur. By the plant converting the resources from nature into ones the plant can use, the beauty of the flower becomes the result.

Just like plants, humans need light and sunshine, too. There are biological and psychological effects that can positively impact our health and well being from having light in our life.

As an example, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a mood disorder, where a lack of light, usually during the winter season causes symptoms of depression. And when diagnosed and treated with light therapy, improvement of symptoms occurs. Spiritually, we can also achieve peace and harmony from having light in our life. By focusing on positive thoughts and looking for the good around us, an inner light within us can begin to shine forth. I think for me, the takeaway is that whether the light comes from the sun or the light comes from our mind and soul, move forward by letting your light shine on others.

Find Balance & Letting Go of Stress

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