Staying Motivated By Setting Small Goals

A collection of writings by a man named Thomas Tusser, dated back as far as 1157, displays the poem, “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.”  Centuries later we are still sharing those words, even though the United States does not see a whole lot of rain in April and flowers and blossoms emerge as early as March. 

From what I learned, the man behind the poem wrote this with the United Kingdom in mind, where April can be quite wet and soggy.

Nonetheless, the return of Pussy Willows, robins and flowering bulbs are signs of spring.  The return of warmer weather and a break from the snow became enough motivation for nature to burst from the hibernation it seeks in winter. March was a warm month here in Pittsburgh, but April brought us snow and colder days. It started on April Fool’s Day when nature appeared to play a trick on us. Bringing cold temps and snow while the early blooming bushes and trees lost its beautiful spring show.

The Spring Forward Difference

Stay Motivated When Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

So, how did I stay motivated? To begin, my goals for cultivating the gardens are attached to a core value: connecting to nature is therapeutic. The enthusiasm came from within. The love for nature and the desire to remove the dead leaves lurking around some of the plants was all the intrinsic motivation I needed.

I then built momentum by assessing the weather. I realized that the cold weather was not going to last long. Also, knowing the trees and shrubs would be alright, I chose to focus on what was yet to emerge out of the ground. I began setting small action steps for each of the different gardens here at the Iris Respite House.

The Restorative Power of Gardening

Finding the Value in Taking Small Steps

The cold did return, leaving me feeling unmotivated, so I returned to some indoor winter activities, which in turn, increased motivation. I felt inspired to continue the previous action steps when the weather returned to warmer temperatures. I could have procrastinated getting back outside, but the small action steps kept my momentum for motivation. So, the message for April’s focus is simple. Even though there may be March winds and April showers, and in some cases, cold and snow, spring will continue to arrive. Stay motivated by setting small goals, finding the value with it, focus on what you can learn and recap what steps you have achieved. The momentum of nature WILL bring you flowers in May.

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