Support Networks for Caregivers | How Can a Support Network Help?

Caregivers deserve support because of the many challenges they face every day, including a high risk for burnout, loneliness and chronic stress. Support networks for caregivers offer them ways to combat those issues, including expert advice, creative outlets and an empathetic ear.

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The caregiver support network offered through Hope Grows, like all good support networks, is founded on the belief that no caregiver should have to go it alone. The work they do, often unpaid and underappreciated, is as difficult as any “job.” They deserve strong support and the comfort of knowing someone is thinking of them.

Whether its in-person or online caregiver support, strong support networks for caregivers greatly improve caregivers’ lives and help them better manage the many challenges they face on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Benefits of Support Networks for Caregivers

Hope Grows is a nonprofit organization that provides caregiver support in Pennsylvania. After years of experience, Hope Grows staff have seen the positive impact support networks for caregivers provide. This happens in a variety of important areas.

Is There Caregiver Support in Pennsylvania?

Emotional support. Caregivers flourish when they get the opportunity to speak with others who understand what they deal with every day and offer true empathy. Often, simply listening to stories from peers can provide caregivers emotional support, knowing others face the situations they face.

Reducing isolation, stress. Caregivers spend much of their time alone, other than the person they care for every day. Many caregivers make sacrifices in their own life, including their social life, leading to feelings of isolation and stress. By connecting with others through a support network, caregivers can fill that social void created when they decided to dedicate themselves to caring for someone else.

Refresh and recharge. It’s difficult for caregivers to provide the best care possible if they feel worn out, tired and unmotivated. Having routine contact with others lifts caregivers out of their “daily rut,” giving them the chance to recharge their batteries and provide better care.

The Restorative Power of Gardening

Hope Grows Programs For Caregivers

As mentioned above, simply interacting with other caregivers can elevate a caregiver’s mood. Hope Grows offers that opportunity, as well as other ways to support caregivers and help them face challenges.

For example, the nonprofit has a free service in which they routinely call and check on caregivers, giving them an opportunity to talk with someone they know while also letting them know that someone is thinking of them.

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Hope Grows also offers nature walks, gardening and other activities that give caregivers a chance to spend time in nature and experience its ability to help them recover, recharge and feel refreshed. 

The Hope Grows Iris House, based on a bed and breakfast model, will provide caregivers a place to visit and relax when it opens later in 2021.Support networks for caregivers offers the chance for caregivers to stay positive, combat challenges and maintain wellness. This not only helps caregivers, but also helps them provide better care to their loved ones.

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