Finding Ways to Protect Yourself in Tough Times

As we transition from 2020 and reflect on the challenges and difficulties that we may have had, let us keep in mind how strong and resilient we can be. Change happens and it can alter the course of our life, however, it does not have to dictate who or what we become.

Our theme for 2021 is “inspire.” By definition, inspire means to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. It also means to breathe in (air); inhale. I think it is important to exhale as well! So, let us exhale the year 2020 and all its challenges and then breathe in inspiration for 2021.

Faith, Acceptance & Giving Up Control

A Time of Boundless Opportunities

Starting the year with thoughts of encouragement is a great way to transition to a new year. I’m inspired to share with you our journey this year and this month’s focus on protection. January is always a month of shorter days, colder nights, and dormant and arduous gazes into nature. It becomes a time where nature appears desolate, however, the plant and tree roots are deep at work, protecting and replenishing.

For us, January can be a time of boundless opportunities to search within ourselves. This month’s focus was about protection, taking an act to protect or the want to be protected. The first thing that comes to mind is about protecting ourselves from viruses, infection, and sickness. With the threat of the COVID virus still very real, vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Zinc, and even Elderberry are great things to consider in protecting yourself, however, what about our mind and spirit?

How to Help Others

It is important to be prepared for those moments that seem to rock our world. I happened to stumble upon Joel Osteen, an American pastor and evangelist, in my search on the psychology of protection. I found something profound that he said: “We need and should be prepared in life for the delays, disappointments, and frustrations that come our way.” While not something new and even though we all know this, are we prepared? Do we have a plan or a strategy for protection? I like to call it a dance. I asked myself, how prepared am I to dance my way through the challenges in life?

Performing the Dance

I did a mental scan and check list. My mind goes right to the auto, life, medical, home and professional insurance I have, and I realized I am most likely as protected as anyone could be. However, my thoughts took me back to times that life rocked my world. Loss, death and even the start of Hope Grows. I don’t think I was as protected as I could have been, even though I did overcome and continue to work through them.  

The question still remains, could I have been more protected than I was? Perhaps! Is it just about having a spare tire in the trunk of your car? Or a tool box for house repairs? Is it something you have just in case you need it? In my opinion and personal experience, I don’t think so.

In order to replenish your body, mind, and spirit in times of challenges, I believe you have to be living the dance, not just having the steps choreographed somewhere. Any type of dance that you perform, practice always makes perfect, right? I believe to persevere through rough times, you have to live and perform the dance daily. So, what does that dance look like? Do you have the steps memorized and do you perform them daily? If not, can you put a dance in place? What works for me, may not work for you. It needs to fit you, just like your shoes. If you need help, Hope Grows is here to help, and remember, dance as if no one is watching you.

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