Practical Ways to Renew Your Life

Sometimes, we all get “the blahs.” Things feel a bit flat and dull. Life seems to have little excitement. It’s hard to find a reason to get out of the house or even out of bed. The goals we hope to achieve can always be out of reach.

But maybe there’s a way to renew your life without require high-level plans or detailed goal setting.

Renew Your Energy & Vitality

Each of us can get caught up in the big picture. We tend to focus on the way we want things to be without taking the small actions every day that build to a better life. The following list of ideas are not “big picture” or philosophical. They are simple things you can do each day that may help renew your life and give you back energy and vitality.

You might not feel better after Day 1 or even Day 10 (although you might). Slowly, doing these things adds up. You will notice a change. You will feel renewed.

Keep Moving to Feel Better

Get up and out the door every day and do some type of exercise. Leave the television behind and the phone on mute. You don’t have to join a gym or become a triathlete! This can just be a walk around the block. Maybe drive to a nearby park and enjoy a nature walk. You have the time if you just make it, at least three or four times a week. Every day, if you can.

Gardening Can Renew Your Life

If you really want to unplug from the modern world, work in nature. Nature provides an uncomplicated way to relax and get away from it all. Just buying a few plants and taking care of them can slow down your day and get you in touch with nature. Better yet, plant a garden. Gardening is a way to connect with nature and renew, which is why we practice it here at Hope Grows.

Think About the Positives

Ever notice how kids always look forward to the day? They don’t think about responsibilities or chores. They don’t dwell on the past. They wake up thinking about things they want to do. We can all learn from children and start each day by taking the time to think of positive affirmations. Focus on something good in your life or what you can do that day that you will really enjoy. It sets the tone for the full day.

Healthy Eating

It’s hard to switch to a healthier diet if you’ve never had one or haven’t eaten healthy in some time. Try to replace any of the “bad” foods you’ve been eating with vegetables, fruit and low-fat proteins. It’s amazing how fast this will change how you feel, especially when combined with a little exercise.

Getting Enough Sleep

Anxiety often keeps us awake at night. Some of us stay up to late, staring at the television to avoid thinking about our problems. There’s no reason to feel bad about either – but it’s a habit you want to break. Much like eating well, getting a good night’s sleep has an immediate impact on how you feel. Try to go to bed earlier when you can and sleep for a consistent amount of time – as close to eight hours as you can get. Your body and mind will thank you. These are some of the practical steps to help you renew your life. None of them are difficult. They can be hard to do consistently, though, without making a commitment. Consider trying at least one or two and add more as you have success. Your renewed life is just around the corner.

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