What Gives You Hope in Life?

Each one of us needs hope. When times turn dark, hope pulls you through. Hope also gives you a goal to strive for in life. By imagining a hopeful, better future, we give ourselves reason to get through each day. The key to it all is finding out what gives you hope in life.

While the impact of hope is universal, what brings us hope is not. Some people see hope in how people interact with others, such as random acts of kindness. Others find hope in the overall movement by mankind toward a more inclusive future that offers a better life for all. 

One thing is certain. No matter who you are, hope is important because it gives your life meaning.

Why Is Hope So Important?

Ways to Develop Hope In Life

There are times when it can become hard to find anything in the world around us that gives us hope. Those looking for reasons to despair about life can find plenty of things to fuel that fire. A world of horrors is just a few mouse clicks away. But that is not the pathway to hope or happiness.

Instead, it’s better to find what gives you hope in life and place your focus there. You cannot cure all the ills of the world. But you can make your corner of it a place of kindness, hopefulness and idealism.

But where to start? These ideas can help you find what gives you hope in life by putting you in the right frame of mind.

How to Stay Motivated

Return to Nature

A study published in Preventive Medicine Reports found that adults who spend six hours or more each day watching TV or looking at a computer were more likely to have moderate to severe depression. That likely does not surprise many people. Most people know instinctively that time spent outdoors tends to elevate their mood. Planting a garden or going for nature walks can help people find hope in the endless cycle and beauty of nature.

Improving Mental Health Through Gardening

Find Your Passion

Life can overwhelm all of us. Many of us feel we have time only for work duties and chores around the home. But life was not meant to be a series of duties and chores. It’s important to find time to do something for no other reason than it brings you joy. No matter who you are, you have something you enjoy: playing guitar, swimming, going for long hikes, bird watching, carving wood. Find time to enjoy hobbies and activities you feel passionate about.  That act alone can bring hope into your life.

Time With Good Friends

The topic of who you spend time with has been important since we were kids. Parents used to say some version of, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” That relates to your search for hope, as well. If you spend time with negative people who complain often and have little hope for the present or future, how can that not impact how you think and feel? By the same token, making friends with positive people who live hopeful, optimistic lives will lead to you feeling better about life, as well.

Those in Need Turn To Family Members

Enjoy What The World Offers

While you can read about all the bad things happening in the world at any time, you also have access to the world’s treasures. Either online or in your hometown, you can experience great works of art,  music and creativity. Why not focus less on what political arguments and more on the latest exhibit at your local museum? Paintings, dance, vocal performances, orchestras, stage plays and art installations are some of the many things of beauty and creativity you can enjoy. It’s all out there. You just need to take advantage of it.

Practice Kindness

If you truly reap what you sow, then acts of kindness should become part of your life. That includes taking the time to truly listen to the people in your life as well as doing acts of kindness for strangers you meet along the way. Kindness leads to more kindness. These are some of the ways you can find what gives you hope in life. As with most things, it takes acts and deeds, not just words and thought. The reward is a more hopeful life. That’s one of the best rewards that life offers.

How to Help Others

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