What can I expect?

We provide support with monthly caregiver check-in calls, online support groups, mental health counseling, and more. As our organization develops new programs and services, we invite you along every step of the way. Your well-being is most important to us, as is your care receiver. We strive to provide you support tailored to your needs.

Monthly Check-in Calls

Be heard, feel the support

Monthly check-in calls with qualified staff provide emotional support and guidance for caregivers, helping them manage stress and provide better care.
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Simple Suggestions

Do “Self Care” at your own pace

An electronic newsletter, tailored to your desired frequency, provides simple self-care suggestions for caregivers to prevent burnout.
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Tea & Coffee Meet Ups

Come to the Iris Respite House

In-person tea and coffee meet-ups for caregivers offer a relaxed environment for sharing stories and providing emotional support to one another.
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Online Support Groups

Connect from wherever you are

Online support groups for caregivers allow them to connect with others from the comfort of their own home without leaving their care receiver.
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Days in the Garden

Dig into nine special gardens

Gardening sessions help caregivers relieve stress and feel more grounded, improving overall well-being and providing a sense of accomplishment.
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Celebrating You!

A day needed by every caregiver

A day of celebration for caregivers, including self-care sessions, lunch, and break-out activities, to treat yourself and recharge.
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Health & Nutrition

From the kitchen of Hope Grows

Empower yourself with awareness of a healthy diet and interactions with nature to improve well-being for the entire you!
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Access to Counseling

from The Root of Good Care

Convenient counseling, in-person or virtual, from qualified mental health counselors specially trained to support caregivers and loss/grief.
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Exclusive Respite

Come to the Iris Respite House

Surround yourself with nature and healing in our sanctuary for caregivers and beyond. Stay for 1-2 nights and explore self care with guidance.
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Are you ready to receive the support you deserve as a caregiver?

As a caregiver, you deserve support, too. At Hope Grows, we offer a variety of tailored services to help you find balance and well-being. Sign up today and let us assist you in your caregiving journey. Whether it be through gardening projects, respite care, counseling, or community outreach, we are here for you.

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