Health and Nutrition: Nourishing Body and Soul for Caregiving

Discover the importance of proper nutrition and gain helpful tips from our Iris Respite House Kitchen.

  1. What is the service?
    Our “Health and Nutrition” service provides caregivers with valuable content themed around food and health. Learn how to nourish your body to offer optimal care to your loved ones. From the kitchen of Hope Grows, expect expert tips, insights, and recipes that aim to boost your overall well-being.
  2. Who provides the information?
    Our Iris Respite House Innkeeper, with vast experience in food and beverage, shares their wisdom and passion for wholesome nutrition.
  3. Where and when can I find this?
    Click here to read this month’s blog from Chef Hanna! As a new offering, we’re excited to grow and adapt the program based on your needs and feedback. We value your engagement and encourage you to participate by providing your thoughts on the content we share. Let’s build a nourishing caregiving community together!
  4. How can I receive this service?
    Join our support of caregivers and then join us a journey towards healthful living. Let’s start a conversation about nutrition today!
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