Good Wishes For the New Year

As the New Year rang in 2022, we spent time sending good wishes to all and reflecting on the wonderful ways that stories we heard from caregivers inspired us in the last year. The resilience and perseverance from the many voices, despite the challenges and difficulties, was inspiring and left us feeling good about the Hope Grows Care Model and the ways in which we are moving forward in 2022.

Our theme for 2022 is Movement. By definition, movement is the act or process of moving, usually with actions or activities by a person(s), and an abundance of events. It also relates to one being physical, applying our minds, and soulfully feeling with our life. It is also the act of moving air, breathing in and out and moving in the direction of being the change we wish to see.

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Starting the New Year With Good Wishes

We started the year off by moving in the direction of good wishes, our January focus! It only seems fitting to start the year and the month by wishing everyone well. 

After all, most of us begin the New Year at midnight, wishing those around us happiness and wishes for a better year than the one we are leaving. We sing “Auld Lang Syne” to fondly remember long friendships going into the New Year and the song itself sparks nostalgia; we cherish fond memories of old and toast a cup of kindness, whether near or far.

There is positivity behind sending good wishes to others. When we move beyond just the mere words of “I wish you well,” and truly feel the experience, a sense of warmth and kindness becomes the result. Add a deliberate action to the thoughts and words, such as holding the door for someone or providing a charitable gift, and overtime the blessing becomes you, a natural part of you.

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Loving-Kindness Meditation

Well-wishing truly has benefits. Taking a 12-minute walk in a public space and thinking “I wish for this person to be happy” when you see a passerby helps people feel better, according to researchers from Iowa State University. The Loving-Kindness meditation method proved that not only is the well-wisher getting exercise and the other person receiving warm kindness, but the well-wisher is experiencing a reduction in stress while also feeling happier and more connected.

Another great way to send good wishes is by way of greeting cards. This form of well-wishing dates back to the 15th century. There is a psychological dimension to every part of the process. The selecting of the card, the sending and the receiving of the card, along with the effects from the process is truly positive all around.

For a lot of us, we just spent the month of December sending wishes by way of Christmas Cards. We didn’t realize by doing this we were communicating touch between the sender and the receiver, by touching the same card implies a sense of connectedness. It also increased a sense of well-being and feelings of being less alone. It helps the receiver of the card feel valued and worthwhile due to the sender spending time and effort in sending a message.

Iris Movement™ Caring Note Cards

All and all, the message behind good wishes is simple. The more you provide good wishes to someone and integrate ‘well wishing’ into your life, it becomes a part of YOU. The more it becomes a part of you, the more benefits you reap. I guess the old saying is still prominent today: “You reap what you sow.”

Hope Grows wants nothing more than to wish you all a year full of strength, faith, hope, healing, balance and joy. We hope you join us in shaking up the newness of what the New Year brings. Say goodbye to 2021 and continue to be the movement for cultivating caregiver wellness so that others become inspired to express the Joy of Living™ in 2022.  “Dance as if no one is watching.”

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