Merry Christmas year end campaign

Hope Grows Wishes all of you and your family a Merry Christmas!

From the gardens of the future Hope House, your donation to Hope Grows can make a lasting difference for tired caregivers.

And right now, your continued support is urgently needed to advance caregiver solutions here in Pittsburgh and around the nation.  As National policy makers have been slow to move forward on programs for caregivers, statistics are indicating that caregivers are dying or completing suicide out of exhaustion and desperation.

For example, we need your help to continue the progress being made through the Hope House, an innovative overnight house designed to provide caregivers a place of rest; a place to regain strength and balance.

With the stress of caregiving, health, finances, and careers are affected and are growing concerns for caregivers.  These stressors intensify as the care recipient’s health declines and demands increase causing the caregiver to seek health care services for their own declining health, at a much higher rate in comparison to non-caregivers.

Please make a special year-end gift to help advance even more bold respite solutions like this.

We are counting on the support of people like you who may be a caregiver, know of a caregiver, or were a caregiver at some point in your life.  Help us support those who give so much of themselves.

Please make your tax-deductible gift today!

Thank you again for your support and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!

Lisa Story, MSCP, LPC, CT

Executive Director

 planting seeds ~ so that hope can grow!

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