Renewal for an Abundantly Connected 2019

At Hope Grows we understand that caregivers get out of sync when they take on and are in the role of providing care. As the Hope Grows #ThinkCaregiver™ program enters into its third year with more vigor and with new ideas to Cultivate Caregiver Wellness™, we contemplate the idea of renewal and reflect on the importance of empowerment in our programming.

So, What Does Renewal Really Mean?

For me, it is a fresh start to the day. As the sun goes down and then up again the next morning, hope casts upon us the choice of opening ourselves up to this fresh start. It is in our control that we can change the course of our thoughts and feelings.

The goals behind the Hope Grows #ThinkCaregiver™ program and the #SimpleSuggestions are those of self-care and respite. Taking a break for short snippets of time are beneficial in renewal. You can gain a new perspective or a change of environment.

The Components of Self-Care

We have added an essential oil, tea, and flower suggestion for each month’s theme and our hope is to bring you, the recipient of the information, components of self-care.

Our model encompasses Mindful, positive, and holistic techniques right to your fingertips. Even if you cannot physically take a break from your role as caregiver, our hope is for you to take a 5 to 10-minute break right in the comfort of your own home – a short moment of refocus.  

As we continue to carry out our mission of Cultivating Caregiver Wellness™, we base a lot of our posts around the use of nature and gardening. Getting In2Nature™ for holistic health and well-being, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, is a way of renewing. It becomes rejuvenating.

A Voice for Caregivers

Another key component of #ThinkCaregiver™ is for caregivers to have a voice. Not only are you receiving information, the social media component of the program is to create a space for caregivers to share and interact.

Having a voice is important for good health and well-being and is essential in building a community of support. It also lends itself to advocacy for other caregivers to help spread the word. So, perhaps part of renewal is about having a voice in building a community around the issues surrounding caregivers.

If you find yourself reading this information for the first time, welcome. If you have been with us for short time or since the beginning, I’m glad you are still here. The impact of providing care takes a toll on the mind, body, and spiritual wellness, requiring the need for renewal, refocus and rejuvenation from time to time.

Not every #SimpleSuggestions offered through #ThinkCaregiver™ may work for you, but the goal is to stay connected, because tomorrow may bring a day where a suggestion may make a world of difference. Finding an abundant connection is important while caregiving and Hope Grows continues to strive for that process to occur. Our theme for 2019 is Abundantly Connected and our hope is that you find our connection for you helpful.

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