The Power of Finding Peace Within

Reflecting on the word “peace” brings to mind several sayings that I heard as a child. They include “peace of mind,” “peace be with you,” “peace unto you, goodwill towards men,” and “peace comes from within.” Contemplating the meaning of these sayings has left me with a saddened heart that we are walking around on this journey called life with what appears to be an absence of finding peace within our hearts.

I do not see very many people with a quiet nature about themselves or a sense of tranquility.

Finding Peace Within

I imagine some, at times, including myself here at Hope Grows, struggle to keep an inner peace. That’s not just during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but year around.

Perhaps we have chosen to talk about “peace” during our “simple suggestions” through the month of December for that reason, to help those struggling with “peace of mind,” “perpetual hope” and “goodwill towards men.”

Personal Reflection

There is a quote from the Buddha about this issue that deserves consideration: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” So how does one go about finding peace within if they do not have peace within? I think it lies within the ability to connect with past peaceful experiences or in creating new ones.

One of the most quiet and tranquil places I found as a child was walking through a wooded section of the street in the neighborhood where I grew up.

On one particular day, our area received a significant amount of snow. At dusk, after the sun had set, my sister and I decided to go for a walk.  The street lamps had just turned on and we began our trek up the street. This truly was a time when I allowed nature’s peace to flow into me, something that John Muir has quoted.

I do not remember too many of the details, such as the day of the week or exactly how old I was, or what I was wearing, but what I do remember was how nature, whether I chose to allow this or not, affected my senses.

Other than it being one of the best childhood memories I had with my sister, when I think about this experience, I can still remember the effect of it to this day. I remember how the cool air and the falling of the snow felt on my skin, how the beauty of the white that was everywhere and how the glistening of the street lamps looked.

I also remember the smell – it was fresh. But, most of all, I remember the sound, it was a “quiet” that you don’t find too often.

Back In The Moment

When I feel hurried inside and need a place to find an inner calm, I go back to that moment. I guess I have been truly blessed to have had that experience.

At the time, it was a moment I shared with my sister, which I cherish. But as an adult, I now understand the importance of using that moment for peace in the present. So, perhaps that is what this blog message is about, allowing an experience to enter our soul, to have it penetrate our senses, and to teach about the therapeutic benefits that nature can provide for us.

Being present in that moment allowed me to store its properties in my soul. Having a sense of mindfulness and accepting what is brought about tranquility. Slowing down and thinking outwardly to allow a new experience to affect us is important.

There are just a few of ways in which you can bring inner peace to your life.

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